Blood Pressure Tracker

Monitor & Print your Blood Pressure from 4 Weeks to 6 Months with Chart
01Jan 2016

Blood Pressure Tracker Documentation

By: Mark Kubiszyn
Blood Pressure Tracker Excel Screenshot

Blood Pressure Tracker Print Readings Excel Screenshot

This Excel Blood Pressure Tracker allows you to record 1 to 4 daily Readings for up to 6 Months and then display a summary of all of the Readings ready to Print. It has full instructions with an easy setup Worksheet and contains no Code. Data Entry is simple and the Summary Worksheet analyses all of your Readings and displays them in a readable format that you can Print as A4 Sheets to take along to the Doctors if they request that you track your Blood Pressure.


- Front Worksheet with Instructions & links to each part of the Blood Pressure Tracker
- Daily Record Worksheet for data entry with Notes section
- Tracker Worksheet for Readings Analysis including Average Readings & Charts
- Ready to Print


Excel 2010 or Excel 2013


The "How to..." Worksheet contains helful information on how to setup, record and print your Blood Pressure Readings - there are also Hyperlinks that you can click to navigate to the various sections (using the little triangles). It is recommended that you follow each part of the "How to..." when first using the Blood Pressure Tracker.


The "Daily Record" Worksheet is used to setup your personal details and enter your daily Readings - there are 3 steps that you should follow to enter data into this section:

1. Edit the data in the shaded Cells to setup the Blood Pressure Tracker
- Populate the shaded areas with your Name, Age, Gender etc.
- Select the number of Readings per day to perform and enter the Times. You can have up to 4 Readings a day for different times ie. 08:00:00, 11:00:00, 16:00:00 & 21:00:00
- Set the Targets for Systolic and Diastolic ranges so that if they are exceeded they will be Conditionally Formatted in Red Fill with a Yellow Font ie. 140/80
- Select the AM and PM Reading Times that will be displayed in the Blood Pressure Tracker Worksheet as a summary. These can be chosen from a Drop-down Combo Box and the options are the Times that you setup for your daily Readings

2. Tab across and enter your daily SYSTOLIC, DIASTOLIC & HEART RATE readings
- Use the Tab Key to move across and enter your Readings. As you Tab through the Table you will see that the Formula automatically create the correct Calendar Days and Times for all of your Readings based upon the settings that you have made. You can also enter a Note in the last Column

3. Tab across to the last Table Cell in a Row to automatically add the next line of measurements
- To extend your Readings in the Table Tab in the last Cell of the last Column of the last Row in the Table


The "Blood Pressure Tracker" Worksheet is used to display a summary of the daily Readings in Tables and Charts. It details average Readings for individual Weeks and grouped averages across 4, 8, 12 & 26 Weeks depending on the length of time that you have been monitoring and updating your Readings in the "Daily Record" Worksheet. You can also drill-down and view average Readings by Week and Time in a Table containing all of your current Readings aggregated to Week (scroll down the Worksheet a little).

The data will update as you fill in your daily Readings and the Charts will track your progress displaying a graphical view of Systolic, Diastolic & Heart rate. Two Trendlines are displayed to detail the linear Trend in Systolic and Diastolic Readings.


Q. Can I adjust the Formula in the Workbook?
A. It is not neccessary (or advisable) to adjust the Formula in the Workbook, but you can adjust the Formula under the Terms of the License if you want to make changes. I would not support any Workbooks that have been modified.

Q. Can I delete the License Worksheet?
A. Yes, once you have purchased Blood Pressure Tracker and read the Terms & Conditions of the License, you may remove it - please try to ensure that somewhere in your Workbook you leave an attribution to the author as follows:

Attribution to software creator must remain in situ:
© Copyright/Author:
Mark Kubiszyn 2016
A License is required to use Blood Pressure Tracker

Q. How do I reset the Tracker to start again?
A. To reset the Tracker to start again, you can select all of the Rows in the Table in the "Daily Record" Worksheet except the first 2 Rows and then do, right-click, Delete->Table Rows. Now clear just the SYSTOLIC, DIASTOLIC & HEART RATE Readings that remain and you are good to go.

Q. What happens if I miss a reading?
A. If you miss a reading, no problem - simply Tab across to the last Table Cell in the Row and the Tracker will automatically add in the next line of measurements. Now enter the next reading that you have taken. The calculations will average across the Readings, but try not to miss too many readings or too many readings for the same time of day.

Q. How do I Print my daily Readings?
A. You can Print your daily Readings by going into the "Daily Record" Worksheet and pressing CTRL+P (the Control character and the 'P' character on your keyboard at the same time) to bring up the Print Dialog - the Print Layout is already set for this Worksheet. There may be a lot of Pages depending on the length of time that you have been entering your Readings.

Q. What are the additional Calculations in the Blood Pressure Tracker Worksheet used for?
A. The additional calculations in the Blood Pressure Tracker Worksheet are used to hide missing values in the Charts and to ensure that the Chart labels appear the same in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. This enables me to produce a single copy of the Blood Pressure Tracker that works correctly in both Excel versions. You can ignore these calculations.


01.01.2016 - (Version 2) released with slight modifications to the Charts & Formula

08.11.2015 - (Version 1) released