Welcome to my archived Work. Please note that all of this Code has been deprecated. You are free to use any of this Code for your own VBA Projects. If you do so, please add or leave in situ any Code Attributions, thank you.

Assumptions are made that you are proficient in the Visual Basic for Applications language and using Excel - Versions range from Office 2000 (Version 9) through to Office 2010 (Version 14). Select a Category to browse the available articles. Click on an article to view the documentation and download the resource. My Work includes articles on Reportingvba-bullet-preview-1and Softwarevba-bullet-preview-1

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Recommended Articles

My picks from the Reporting Section include:
Reporting Template
Email Templates
Colour Banding Report Data by Formula

My picks from the Software Section include:
Kiosk v6 Dev Full Screen Excel for Developers
email-template (Outlook)
XLRibbonX AddIn for Excel 2007/2010

My picks from the VBA Section include:
Facebook Loader
Trial Dialog

My picks from the Helpful Stuff Section include:
Social URL Encoders for Webpage Links
Install & Uninstall AddIns (Pre-requisites & VBOM)
How to add Macro Buttons in Excel 2010
Win7 & Excel 2010 Tips

My picks from the Art Section include:
Dead Fish Concept
Fat Bird with Stick Legs (EPS)

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